Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playing With My Lens Baby

Friday night, I was admittedly beat, and after driving to Dayton and back last weekend and a long work week, a Friday night at home sounded particularly wonderful to me.  I ended up making another batch of Mousakka, this time without the added cheese sauce- just grilled veggies, sauce, and goat cheese layered and baked at 375 for about 25 minutes.  While cooking, I got out the Lens Baby and experimented with taking some pictures with it.  Check it out.

I have a lot to learn, but basically it makes part of the image sharp in the middle and blurs the edges to the extreme.

Here's a picture of Clyde taken with the Lens Baby.

I really need to study up and practice a lot more with the lens to get good with it, but it's pretty cool so far.

I went to bed fairly early Friday night and awoke to the sound of my phone beeping with a text message in the middle of the night.  Check it what it was...

My BBF Melanie was in labor!  I was shocked, since less than a week ago I was with her celebrating at her baby shower.  Her due date was actually June 2nd, so she went really early!  Baby Isaac was born and I received a text picture of mama and baby from her husband later :)  I don't have all the details yet and told her to call when she has time to tell me the whole story, so I'm eagerly awaiting more information!
  I can't wait to see more pictures!  So exciting!!


Alaina said...

Very cool lens effects. That picture of Clyde is adorable. :-)

Congrats to your friend!

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