Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dinner at 300 East

Howdy friends!  I'm currently blogging from Dayton, Ohio!  I'm here for my friend Melanie's baby shower, and we're getting dolled up for the big event!  More to come on my Dayton adventures later.

Thursday night Greg and I had dinner plans with our friends Tim and Sarah.

The original plan was to go to Dolce for dinner, because Tim had a Groupon to use, but he realized it was expired and we decided we'd rather go somewhere more low key anyway, because Dolce is sort of fancy.  We thought about hitting up a Mexican spot in honor of Cinco De Mayo, but realized all Mexican restaurants in Charlotte were going to be insane and decided against it.  We were all in the Dilworth area, so we decided to head to 300 East.

I've been to 300 East quite a few times, but never for dinner.

The actually had a margarita special, so we each got one.

We also started with a black eyed pea hummus, which was kind of unique and delicious.

It was almost like a cross between hummus and a falafel, sort of cooked.  Yum!

I opted for the grilled shrimp BLT with a potato cake on the side as my entree.

Loved this!  The shrimp with the crispy bacon, sharp cheese, lettuce, and tomato, was an awesome combo.  The potato cake was like smashed potato formed into a cake and lightly fried.  Tasty!

At Sarah's insistance, we got a dessert to split, which was a strawberry cobbler with goat cheese ice cream.

It was not the standard Cinco De Mayo meal, but we all enjoyed it and a good time was had by all.


Monique said...

that looks like a fantastic meal :) I'd be really interested to try black eyed pea hummus!

RunningOnCoffee said...

oooh, your shrimp blt sounds awesome! and I've never tried goat cheese ice cream before.

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