Thursday, May 5, 2011

My First Book Club

Last night I attended my first book club meeting!  I joined a bunch of Charlotte bloggers (and readers) to read a book a month and discuss it.  I'm pretty excited about this!  The only thing close to a book club I ever participated in was the Book It Program with Pizza Hut when I was a kid!  Did you guys do that?

I totally had this exact same kind of button with the yellow sticker stars, and would get all excited to get my personal pan pizza when I'd reached my book quota ;)  This is not that kind of book club though- although, there is a Mellow Mushroom close to FABO where we held our first meeting, if we were so inclined to involve pizza at some point!
Caitlin had suggested bringing some ideas of books we could read, and I had actually sought out a list from my mother-in-law who is in a book club, but forgot to bring it.  On the drive over I was talking to my mom on the phone, who is also in a book club, and she told me about the book they are currently reading, which is called A Friend Of The Family, by Lauren Grodstein.   She said it was the best book she's read with her club and recommended it.  After a few other options were thrown out to the group by other members, I brought up my mom's recommendation, and we read the synopsis of the book:

As the book opens, Peter Dizinoff, a successful New Jersey doctor, is struggling to adjust to the aftermath of his actions as the foundation of his personal and professional life crack beneath his feet. At the center of his troubles is his beloved son Alec, who deflates his father's high expectations when he drops out of college after just three semesters and moves into the apartment above their garage. And when his son begins seeing Laura, the troubled daughter of Peter's best friend who is ten years older than Alec and lives in the tainted shadow of being acquitted for an unspeakable crime when she was 17, Alec's ambivalence to his father's hopes in living a good life turn into a simmering rage. Dizinoff, a man with a clear definition of right and wrong, flips back and forth in time as he narrates the history of events that build their way to a layered, emotionally wrenching climax. --Brad Thomas Parsons

Everyone seemed really intrigued by this book.  We went over a bunch of choices...

And settled on my mom's book as the choice!  Hope it's good!

Our meeting was at 6pm last night, which left me rather confused about how to handle dinner.  It was Kate's birthday, so we had cupcakes!  Hey, dessert before dinner works for me...

I arrived back home to my husband and pup eagerly awaiting my return.  That's the best :)

Greg and I had dinner plans tonight, so we opted for an early Cinco De Mayo celebration last night.  Sidenote- my brother Mark calls May 4th- Quatro de Marko, because it's his birthday :)

I made some veggie tacos from leftover grilled vegetables and quinoa combined with black beans, more onion, fire roasted tomatoes, and a packet of taco seasoning I had in the pantry.  Topped with a little shredded cheddar, cilantro, plain yogurt, and lettuce.

Greg made us margaritas too.

Well I'm excited for the book club.  None of entirely know what we're doing, so if any of you guys have any thoughts, book ideas, suggestions, etc...  Let me know!


RunningOnCoffee said...

I've never done a real book club before besides summer reading programs at the library when I was younger. The book you described sounds really interesting though!

Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle said...

A couple of books that my book club read and I HIGHLY recommend:

Room by Emma Donohue
We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

I totally had that button too! Haha oh the 80s ;)

Katie H said...

Ahh I love Book it! I read really quickly so I was a book it superstar :D

Your dinner looks awesome- now I really want Mexican!

Kelly @foodiefresh said...

I've been in a few book clubs, and if they book is enjoyable for everyone, we'll have plenty to talk about. Most popular books have book club questions online. You can just google them. I'm sure one of us will do that before we meet in June.

Emms said...

I so remember those buttons! I loved the book club :)

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