Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clyde Does Pet Palooza and I Do The Spa

Saturday morning I took Clyde to Pet Palooza in Charlotte.  It's an event for the Humane Society that includes a 5k, 1 mile walk, and booths and pet stuff to see after the run/walk. 

I met my friend Kim and her dog Oliver (the whitish dog on the left).

Clyde was pretty psyched to participate and see all the other people and dogs. He loves these events! He also got a free green bandana :)

Oliver is kinda shy, but you wouldn't know it from this picture!

Clyde, as always, was popular with the ladies...

Kim and I opted to do the 5K with the dogs, but mostly walk it.  We got bibs, but declined timing chips because we knew we weren't going to break any records.  This "race" was just for fun, and for the doggies :)  We lined up in the back of the pack to start.

The doggies did great on their walk and when we crossed the finish line we all enjoyed some water and refreshments.  This race actually had great free stuff at the finish- including Dunkin Donuts and CUPCAKES?!

We took a spin through the tents with all the vendors in Independence Park.

The highlight (besides a chocolate glazed Dunkin Donut), was meeting this cute little Chiweenie.  A chiweenie is a chihuahua/dachshund mix.

Cute, huh??

Clyde loves other dogs, and sniffed was interested in this cutie :)

The rest of my Saturday was pretty low-key.  I actually had a very relaxing spa afternoon at Belle Vive Spa.

I've been to this spa before, and love it.  My favorite spas are the ones that are feel really organic, rural, and woodsy.  I don't really like the sterile feeling ones.  This one is in a really cute Victorian-ish house.

I had an hour long massage, followed by a facial, and enjoyed some relaxing time in between sitting in this area in a cozy robe while drinking cucumber water. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :) 

I spent the rest of the night home with Clyde, and cooked up some Chana Masala (I mostly used Jen's recipe) over Jasmine rice.  It was good, but I was kinda eye-balling the spices and think I may have used too much cayenne.  My mouth was en fuego!  I mixed in some plain yogurt and that seemed to help with the heat.

It was a pretty awesome Saturday.  I kind of want to do it all again.

How was yours?


Kristina @ spabettie said...

Clyde is looking CUTE as always! I love the chi-weenie! what a fun event - Basil would love that.

we're on vacation right now, so we spent our Saturday (and most of today) wine tasting in Napa Valley... :)

Katie H said...

That sounds like an awesome day! I could use a spa dau :) Clyde is adorable as always and I love the cute little chiweenie!

Erin said...

I've been curious about that spa for ages! I am so glad that you like it. I go to Modern right now, and it is kind of pricey, so I'll have to see how they compare. :) And I have never heard of a Chiweenie before, but I think I'm in love.

Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) said...

Facial and massage? I'm so jealous- what a perfect Saturday! And your channa masala looks so yummy- all I've wanted lately is indian food!

Sara said...

I think Clyde and Maggie need a play date! Have you ever taken him to the dog park in Ballantyne?! It's HUGE!

Monique said...

I LOVE Clyde pictures :) So cute, as are his little friends!!

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