Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday weekend recap part 1

Ok, sorry readers for the CAL rant.  It's not like it's going to change anything for us right now anyway, we just had been hoping for Greg to get recalled in the fall, which was the rumor before mergers talks happened.  The pay scales at CAL are pretty good, so it would have meant an almost an immediate double in pay if he got recalled since Greg was almost at year two pay when he got furloughed.  We were just looking forward to that instead of like year 4 of first year airline pay (which SUCKS!).  It would have made life a lot easier (money-wise) and helped us be confident in starting a family sooner.  Now we'll just have to talk about how to proceed and see how this all plays out.  I appreciate everyone's support though.  I know you all mean well and I'm sorry if I'm sensitive about this stuff, but it's been a hard couple of years and I just wish we had more good news.  I feel like Greg is so unlucky with his aviation career.  He's never in the right place at the right time!
Ok, moving on.  This was the busiest weekend I've had in a while.  My birthday was Friday, and despite Greg not being home, it was one of the best birthdays I've had in a while.  My work friends took me out to lunch at my favorite Greek place where an awesome Gyro salad was happily consumed and my arms got a slight sunburn from our choice of outside seating (totally worth it!).  After work, I didn't have anything planned for Friday night, as Kelly and I had a party planned for Saturday night.  I also didn't want to go too nuts partying Friday night because I had an 8K trail run scheduled for early Saturday morning.  Kelly called me and asked if I wanted to meet for a drink after work, and I thought an early evening drink outside sounded perfect.  She, Jen, and I (and Rascal and Clyde) met at my local wine bar for a nice bottle of Pinot Gris.  I ended up having more than I probably should have though and Saturday morning I woke up a little dehydrated and had to choke down quite a bit of water and smoothie to feel ready for my run!  Also, side note, I am a fan of adding spinach to my smoothie's thanks to Kelly and multiple health food bloggers that I stalk who do the same, but was out of spinach and thought I'd try a big leaf of romaine lettuce in my smoothie for a little greenage.  NOT THE SAME AT ALL!!  Definitely noticeable and GROSS!!  Oops!  Lesson learned!   I drank most of it anyway so it would not be wasted, but will never make that mistake again!
Jen, Michelle, and I met at the US National Whitewater Center for our 8K run Saturday morning.  The run was great.  Jen and Michelle had signed up for the first wave, but decided to take the 2 minute penalty and run in my wave after Jen recalled getting trampled by a bunch of hardcore people at last year's run.  We pretty much stayed together.  The wooded course was definitely challenging, but I kind of enjoyed it and felt like I probably did better in this type of race than I actually would against most runners in a road race.  The terrain kind of evens the field in a way.  My time was just over 54 minutes.  I have no basis for comparison, but I was pretty happy with my time.  I was 28th out of 55 runners in my age group.  I got some good swag too, some mini-Luna bars, a water bottle, a t-shirt, and a Bondi Band that I won in a drawing post-race!  Yay- I never win anything!  Michelle, Jen, and I actually ran two more laps around the WWC after the trail race to bring our day's total to 10K in preparation for my upcoming half-marathon, which they are running as well. 

After the run, Jen and I headed back home and got to thinking we were kind of starving.  I mentioned this BBQ place called Jim and Nicks, which Jen hadn't been to, and it was decided that we would go there for our post race mass consumption.  I opted for a brisket sandwich and side salad and Jen had a "pig in the garden" which is pulled pork over a salad.  The service was crappy, but the food totally hit the spot!


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