Friday, May 28, 2010

Tennis kinda bites

So, I lost my tennis match Wednesday night :(  The score was 3-9.  I didn't really like the guy I was playing with.  He was really bossy, telling me what to do the whole time, and it made me really uncomfortable.  I had some decent shots and my serve is improving, but I also had some bonehead shots and missed a bunch of shots.  I have to say, I'm not sure I'm feeling tennis on the competitive level.  I'm not sure I like doubles either.  Given the choice between tennis and running, I know I'd pick running hands down.  The problem with tennis is that you need other people to practice with, it's expensive (if you want to play certain places, take lessons, etc...), it takes a lot of practice to get good, and I find myself REALLY nervous during matches.  Like shaky nervous.  I will definitely finish out the season with my team, but I don't know if I see myself going further with tennis right now.  :( 
When I got home from tennis, I decided I wanted to try and make a black bean burger with leftover black beans I had in the fridge.  I put black beans, spinach, garlic, onion, carrot, salsa, cumin, paprika, and bread crumbs into the mini food processor and then formed a patty.  I think I over-pureed the mix a little because it was so soft that I needed a bunch of bread crumb to get it to where it wasn't totally sticky and soft and to help me form it into a patty.  I threw that on the grill with some asparagus.

Finished product, with cheese, salsa, and a little non-fat plain yogurt on a couple leaves of lettuce.  It was good, but I think like I said, I'd puree it less and maybe reserve some whole black beans to mix in so it wasn't completely soft and had more texture. 

Thursday night I did my 5 mile run with Michelle.  This run oddly started out good (usually it's the opposite with me and starts rough but gets better) but kind of got worse about halfway.  I think it was was the heat, it was pretty brutal out there last night.  I was drenched after the run.  I'm praying that the morning of the half is cool out and good weather.
When I got home I did a little carb loading since I plan on doing another long run Saturday morning.  My last long run before the half- yikes!  I made a Boca Bruchetta patty with some tomato basil sauce and italian cheese and some whole grain penne, with brussel sprouts.  
Devoured it while blogging, playing fetch with Clyde, and watching Oprah on Tivo.  I'm such the multi-tasker!


Jen said...

So sorry about the run last night! I'm worried that the heat is going to start affecting us more and more. Good luck on your long run tomorrow. I wish I was there to do it with you! Can you believe the half is in a week? Eek! You're going to rock it :)

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