Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My first tennis matches and late dinner

Last night I had my first tennis team matches (ever!). Jen was nice enough to go over to my house at lunchtime and visit Clyde and take him out for a walk for me, since I had an early match at 5:30pm and wouldn't be able to make it to tennis on time if I had to go home to let him out first.  I got this picture from her around 1pm, saying all was well with my baby :)

Don't you just want to snuggle him???  Thanks Jen!! 
I have no pictures of my matches.  Guess I need to get some "fans" to come watch me or something so that I can give you guys some action!  Anyway, my first match was women's doubles.  I was pretty nervous and pretty much bombed my first round of serving, but started to get more comfortable after a little while.  We lost :(  Can't remember the final score, maybe like 9 to 2??  It was pretty bad.  There was a shortage of female availability last night, so I was also scheduled for the mixed doubles match (a man and a women team on each side for you non-tennis speak people).  I was paired with my mentor/recruiter Bobby, which I was happy about because he's the guy I know best out of everyone on our team and I knew he'd be helpful and kind of coach-like, which is what I need right now.  It started out kind of rough.  The guy on the other team had this insanely fast serve, and I was pretty much a deer in headlights every time the ball came my way!  The thing about his serve was that it was really inconsistent, so I could tell after a while that he knew this and eventually started softening up the serve in the interest of getting it over the net.  My serve is probably my weakest point of the game.  That and not knowing when I should hit the ball and when I should let my partner hit it when it falls in between us.  I'm not used to doubles tennis at all.  It's going to take some getting used to knowing how to figure out when I should hit it and when I should leave it alone.  Bobby and I caught up and our sets were tied towards the end (6-6), but they ended up winning the match 9 to 6.  I was much happier with that round than the women's doubles round though.  I had a couple good shots here and there and I think I can build from that.  Bobby thought I did well said he thinks by the end of the season I will be very good.  Let's hope so! 
Once I got home from tennis I was pretty famished.  I have a lot of fresh produce in the fridge (yay!) and I was REALLY craving some grilled veggies, namely zucchini and asparagus.  I drizzled the cut up zucchini and the asparagus in a mixture of grape seed and olive oil and heated up my grill pan.  I seasoned them with a squeeze of lemon and some salt and pepper.  MMMMMM.  So yummy.  Pretty much my favorite summer food.  I would have made some rice to go with it, but was STARVING and didn't have time to wait on rice (I'm out of the Uncle Ben's Ready Rice), so I actually made an old college favorite as my starch- chicken flavored Ramen.  Don't judge!  I crave it every once in a while, and swear it works almost as good as actual chicken soup when I'm sick!


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