Thursday, May 20, 2010

When running sucks

Last night was my weekly 5 miler with Jen which we decided to do on Wednesday rather than our usual Thursday.  Michelle and Kelly wanted to join us and we decided to change up the location this time.  We met in the South Park area of Charlotte for a 5 mile loop Michelle had planned.  Yesterday morning I had noticed some soreness in my legs and butt.  I realized that of all the activities I've done in the past week, tennis of all things had given my lower body quite a workout!  Who knew!  I guess the action of bent knees and kind of jumping around on the court maybe?  Anyhoo, I made my way over to meet the girls.  I was in a fairly good mood and the weather was pretty decent- hovering around 80ish, sunny, and slightly breezy.  I've run in worse for sure.  We started the run and I could tell it was going to be a rough one, but I hoped like other runs that started badly, I would reach a more comfortable, euphoric place at some point, and it would all be fine.  That never really happened last night.  The whole 5 miles just kind of...well sucked.  I am not sure if it was my legs being sore from tennis, that small piece of birthday cake I had at the office, a lack of water, or what.  I just wasn't feeling it and the whole run was rather labored.  :(  The good news is that my running buddies kept me going and I finished all 5 miles.  I was happy I had completed it.  Our group went to Earth Fare for some dinner at Kelly's suggestion.  We all opted for the salad bar and I got a little over zealous filling my bowl with all sorts of veggies and various salads.  My salad was weighed and amounted to about $12- yikes!  haha!  I also tried my first Kombucha Synergy, raspberry rush flavor.

Pretty good stuff! We ate outside and chatted. 
The evening had to be cut short by Jen and I though, because we had to high tail it home to get on the computer at 9pm and get tickets to the Healthy Living Summit.  We decided after months of talking about our favorites Healthy Living blogs that we had to go to this event and meet the girls.  It's being held in Chicago, and I'm so excited to go and also take a little trip with Jen.  We were nervous about getting tickets after numerous bloggers mentioned that it sold out in 20 minutes last year, but both of us successfully purchased a ticket, which was confirmed by a phone call from Jen right when I was finalizing my purchase.  Yay!


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