Monday, May 24, 2010

It's been a busy weekend as usual.  Greg and I didn't do the greatest job of celebrating our anniversary despite him actually being home for it this year.  I had a late meeting Thursday and didn't finish til about 7pm and then had to pick him up at the airport.  We knew that night that dinner out wasn't going to happen.
Friday I had more work stuff to attend to and by the time I got home I was kind of exhausted.  It started raining (further inducing my coma), and again we decided to stay in.  For once, Greg was actually the one who kind of wanted to go out, but I just wanted to lay on the couch and lounge.  I did make us a pretty good dinner though.  We had stir-fried tempeh, shredded carrot, onion, and bok choy with H.T. Traders (Harris Teeter brand) Thai Peanut Noodles topped with a little cilantro.  So good :)  We'll do our "anniversary dinner out" some other time.
After dinner Jen called and the subject of ice cream came up.  We decided to meet at Brusters.  Jeff's mom was visiting and also came, and we brought Clyde to meet her, since she is a major lover of Dachshunds.  I had my usual- the peanut butter cup sundae with Reeses pieces instead of peanut butter cups.  It has hot fudge and peanut butter sauce on it and is much the same as the Reeses pieces sundae at Friendly's that I grew up enjoying. 
Saturday I got up early for my 10 mile long run.  Jen has gone to NJ for the next week, so it's up to me to train without her, boo!  My friend Michelle met me at the McMullen Greenway for a run though, so that was wonderful.  I pre-run fueled with oatmeal with almond butter, cottage cheese, banana, walnuts, a little sprinkle of vanilla whey protein powder, and almond milk. 

The run was GREAT!  Unlike Wednesday, I felt pretty good and it was humid, but not that hot.  I brought Luna Moons

as my mid-run fuel, and carried a small red Gatorade to replenish my water and salt along the way.  We did 10.8 miles of full on running and walked in the last bit for 11 miles total (my legs were kind of jello by then).  I was happy with that!  I think it took us around 2 hours.
I got home from the run and was craving a replay of the omelet dinner I had earlier in the week.  I whipped another one of those spinach, tomato, pepper, onion and cheddar omelets for brunch, and one for Greg minus the spinach.  Then I allowed myself to be lazy and doze off for a bit while I recovered from the long run.  Later in the afternoon we did a Costco trip.  Did some damage too.  We got a bunch of snack stuff for Greg now that he's back flying and needs stashes of food for when he doesn't have much time to eat.  I got a cute Adidas running outfit and some baby clothes for my friend Jen who had her second child yesterday.  It was quite the bounty of items.
We got home and got ready to meet friends for dinner at The Liberty again.  Sarah, Tim, Josie, Chloe, and Greg and I were there. 

Mainly we were there to celebrate Josie's divorce becoming final on Friday.  I love that place, the food is great.  Greg and I split the soft pretzels with cheese and horseradish dips as an app and then I had really good fish tacos for my entree.  I also had a summer beer flight sampler with four different kinds.  SO GOOD :)  We called it a night early while most of the rest of our crew went on to other venues and parties to continue.  Greg and I are old fogies now.  Dinner out is enough for us.  We're not really into the late night scene anymore.  Plus, Greg is flying out today so he wanted to get home and finish packing and organizing for the trip.


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