Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My running is going well so far.  I haven't felt any soreness or anything, even after my long 8 mile run Saturday.  I think running about every other day or so has helped to give me good recoup time.  I ran about 5 miles (no Garmin so not sure on the exact distance) on Monday night after work by myself since Jen had dinner plans that night.  This was one of those runs that felt pretty forced for the first mile or two until I reached a comfortable place somewhere in the 2-3 mile range.  Sometimes I get out there and feel great from the minute my feet hit the pavement and sometimes it's a real concerted effort to get there.  This was one of those nights.  Anyway, I was happy that I pushed through and got it done.
I also want to mention something I've noticed.  Running socks actually make a big difference.  At least for me.  At the advice of the guy at Charlotte Running Company  when I got my new sneakers, I got two different pairs of running socks (Nike and some other kind).  The guy told me that cotton socks are not ideal to run in, especially if you have issues with blisters, which I did after the trail run in my old Adidas sneaks.  He talked me into trying some running socks, and I'm glad he did, because I really feel like they help.  The two times I've worn them running have been way more comfortable than my regular socks.  I think I'm going to get a bunch more pairs and will definitely wear them on my long runs.
Tennis is kind of on hold this week.  After my two lessons and practices I was feeling semi-prepared for my first team match tonight, but my team leader isn't having me play after all.  I think it's because a) he hasn't met me or seen me play yet and probably wants to assess that before putting me in and b) we're playing one of the toughest teams in the league tonight so again- makes sense to go with people you've seen play and know are good.  My plan is to go watch and meet my teammates tonight though.
I got quite a surprise yesterday afternoon when Greg called and said he was on his way home and would be getting into CLT around 5:30!  Turns out the airline is still finishing up his background check and he can't fly or observe in the cockpit til he's clear.  He knew his might take longer than most with all his different companies, some now defunct but didn't know it would buy him more time at home.  Hey, I'll take it!  He still gets paid the minimum time anyway, so that's good!  Clyde came with me to get Greg at the airport and proceeded to shower him with kisses from the minute Greg got in the car!  We went to Petsmart for some dog food and bunny litter on the way home and Clyde got spoiled with some new tennis balls, a platypus toy, new treats, and....wait for it...a doggie SNUGGIE!  LOL!

At home I whipped up another round of Bok Choy ginger stir-fry (as seen here) for us for dinner.  This time I added a zucchini and some mushrooms in to the mix and we had it over Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (brown rice).  I loooooove brown rice, but making it can be a pain in the butt if you don't plan ahead since it takes so long to cook.  The Ready Rice cooks in the microwave in 90 seconds.  Handy when you are crunched for time!

We played with the puppy and watched LOST.  Um, how crazy was last night's episode???  Do you guys watch it?  I can't believe it's almost over and we're going to find out what's really going on soon!  Can't wait!


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