Sunday, May 16, 2010

Friday night festivities

Friday night Greg was actually STILL home.  Jen and I decided it made sense to pick up our race packets for the Run! Ballantyne 10K the night before so we could find out where we were going and wouldn't have to deal with registering the morning of.  We made plans to bring our husbands, get our packets, have dinner, and then get FROZEN YOGURT.  Jen was particularly excited about the yogurt part, hence the caps ;)
We went to the Ballantyne YMCA for our packets and got a little bit of swag- some snickers marathon bars, granola, a t-shirt, and a couple coupons. 
After dinner we went to Trio for dinner.  We were kinda carb-loading, so I went ahead and had wood smoked chicken penne pasta with mushrooms and garlic cream sauce.  I asked if I could have them add spinach, and they did :)  I also had a side salad with a pear apple vinagrette.  Hubby had a portobello mushroom burger and fries.  Great dinner! 
We proceeded to Yoforia after dinner.

  It's another frozen yogurt place where you pay by weight and they  have the yogurt lined up on the wall and you can choose whatever flavors you want and then add toppings.  Greg and I shared, and sampled a few before deciding on a combo of Ferrero Rocher, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, and cheese cake topped with oreo and peanut butter cups.  We called it a night around 9ish because of our early race.  Good times though.


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