Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday night shopping and omelet

Last night I was supposed to have a tennis practice but it got cancelled because of rain.  I then thought I might do a short run, but didn't feel like it.  I figured I could take a night off after running 9 miles Saturday and biking 15 yesterday.  I did take Clyde on a walk though.  My first tennis match is tonight, and when I assessed my gear I decided at the very least I was in need of a tennis skirt.  My brother got me a gift card to Dicks Sporting Goods for my birthday, so I decided if I wasn't going to work out that I should go over and cash in on the card and get some tennis clothes.  Dicks doesn't have the greatest selection.  When I first got there I found a cute Puma white tennis skirt for only like $22 on the clearance rack, but when I tried it on it didn't look good.  It was white spandex, I guess that should have been my first clue it might not work out!  I finally settled on a Reebok black skirt and ended up getting an Under Armor top that I can wear for tennis, running, or whatever.  It's kind of orangish, and my tennis team is called Orange Crush, so I figured that would work with our theme.  Here's my outfit (oh and Clyde wanted to say hi!):

When I got home I wasn't all that motivated to cook so I decided to whip up a quick omelet.  I LOVE onion and peppers in my omelets.

I sauteed them in a little Smart Balance til soft, then added some tomato and spinach and cooked those for a minute or two. 

Then I just added two eggs.  Usually I beat them in a bowl, but I was too lazy last night so I just broke them up with the spatula and mixed everything together.  I then let the eggs set and added a little cheddar (cuz it makes everything betta) and folded it in half French style.

Good dinner :)


Runblondie26 said...

Great job on the 10K! I'm impressed by how quickly you've been able to ramp up your mileage. If you're doing 9 mile training runs, you should be all set for the half marathon.

Joanna said...

don't you love nights where you can make whatever you want for dinner, whether it be a simple omelet or pb&j

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