Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday weekend recap part 2

Saturday afternoon I mowed the lawn, walked Clyde, then passed out for about an hour before I needed to get up and get ready for my big bad birthday party.  Kelly and I found out a while back that our birthdays were two days apart and have been saying ever since that we should have a joint birthday party.  A couple weeks ago, we got organized and sent out a mass Evite to our friends for the festivities.  We decided to have the event at Las Ramblas, a tapas place we had previously visited back in the fall.  About 20 people came, and I thought it was really fun. 

The only drawback was that because we had such a large crew we had to break up into two tables, and Kelly and I didn't get to sit together.  We table hopped though, and I thought overall it was a great success.  My friend Sarah was at a wedding, so her boyfriend Tim came by himself, and I happily snagged him to be my "date" and share tapas with me.  We got a goat cheese and spinach salad, a goat cheese/spinach/garlic pizza, calamari, and chicken skewers with tzikiki sauce.  Josie and Gibson got us a delicious cake with huge tall silver candles in it, which Kelly and I blew out together. 

Some of the group went to Andrew Blair's to after party for a little while.

It was a really fun night :)
Sunday morning was really my only downtime of the weekend.  I walked Clyde and caught up on internet junk.  Sunday afternoon I set out to find tennis sneakers and then met Gib at Target to get some baby stuff.  We went over to a co-worker's house to deliver the goods and meet their brand new baby boy.  SO CUTE!  I totally want one!  He was such a good baby.  I held him for about a half hour while we all talked and he pretty much slept in my arms the whole time.  Ahhhhh :)

I rushed back home to take Clyde out and change before heading to my first tennis lesson.  It went well.  I need work on my serve for sure.  The rest of my game isn't bad though.  I really am enjoying getting back into tennis.  It's a fun sport.
I stopped off at the grocery store on my way home after tennis and then took Clyde for a second walk to make up for all the time I was gone during the afternoon.
I sauteed bok choy, onion, and spinach with a little oil, garlic, and ginger and served that with some coconut rice for my dinner.  Good stuff!

It was one of those weekends where I totally did not have enough down time and could have used like two more days to get everything I really wanted to do done.  I had a great time though and everything I did was tons of fun.
Greg is taking his oral exam today and has his sim test on Wednesday.  In theory, he'll be home after that if he doesn't go strait to IOE.  Fingers crossed!


Jen said...

Yay loved the bday weekend recaps! it was a fun weekend! You did so awesome in the race :)

Joanna said...

sounds like a great weekend. Your dinner looks yummy!

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