Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday started off with a breakfast consisting of Green Monsters (which I've gotten Greg into).  I did the standard mix of ice, banana, spinach, vanilla whey protein, and almond milk.  MMMMMMM.  With the Green Monsters we each had a ramekin of huge fresh blueberries and a croissant with melted Nutella at Greg's insistence (twist my arm).  And some coffee.
We had a fairly lazy Sunday morning of watching some SNL on Tivo and checking up on the latest happenings on our respective laptops while throwing various objects for the puppy to fetch.  Pretty standard stuff at our house.  Greg got ready for his next trip and around noonish I took him to the airport.  From there I went on to do some errands.  Some of them for Kelly's upcoming bridal shower, which is in two weeks.  I'm co-hosting with her maid of honor and needed to work on some of my tasks and shop for a gift.
While out I received a call from my friend Kerrie asking if I'd like to meet her to play tennis.  I jumped at the chance since I rarely have an opportunity to practice and obviously need to!  I also figured it was the perfect workout for the day after my long run.  I met her at her place and we headed to the Beatty Park courts.  Kerrie is pretty good!  She gave me a definite run for my money.  We played some actual games and were pretty much tied the whole time.  She could totally hack it in my league!  I was glad I played with her because I got a lot of good practice in with her being about my speed.  We played about an hour before giving up our court for some people waiting.
We decided to go get some post-tennis dinner at Brixx Pizza at Blakeney. I got a salad with goat cheese and balsamic and a thin crust pizza with artichoke and roasted red pepper, but only ate half the pizza.  Both hit the spot!  I rushed home to watch the Lost series finale.  I even stayed up til 11:30pm to see the WHOLE THING.  I have to say.  I was disappointed.  Anyone watch it?  Thoughts??


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