Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tennis, Running, and the return of the pilot!

What a week.  I've been remarking to some of my friends that I think I may have gotten a little overly ambitious by taking on a tennis league and training for a half-marathon at the same time.  I pretty much have one or the other going every day so it's been kind of all-consuming.  Monday I got about a 4 mile run in with Jen after work.  That will probably be my last run on my Adidas sneakers.  I decided it was time for them to go to the sneaker grave yard and for me to get fitted for SERIOUS running sneakers now that I'm taking on real races and more miles.  I finally had a chance to get over to The Charlotte Running Company and get a good pair of shoes at the advice of several serious runners.  It came down to choosing between three pairs: Brooks Adrenaline (a known favorite among friends and bloggers, I've noticed), Asics (forget the model??), or Nike Zoom Structure Triax.  Now, a long time ago I tried Nike running sneakers and didn't like them at all.  I thought they were really narrow and uncomfortable and vowed I would avoid them in the future.  Upon trying these Nike's I was surprised at how light and cloud-like they felt on my feet.  After careful consideration I went with the Nike's deciding they did indeed feel the most comfortable.  I think I could have gone with any of the three and been good though.  Here are my new sneaks (we New Englanders like calling them that, sorry for the over use of the term!!):
I like em :) I'll get to test them out tonight on my 5 mile run with some of the girls. I think I have started a running group on the south side of Charlotte, we have like 4-5 of us running tonight- COOL!
I had a tennis practice session with my tennis recruiter Tuesday night. We did some ball machine drills and some volleying. Mainly I worked on basic forehand and backhand. No serving! Wednesday night I had another lesson with the pro. This lesson was great. We worked on everything and she went over a lot of the things I needed to work on for doubles matches, which is what I will be playing in my league. I'm very nervous about playing doubles. I would almost rather play singles matches, because then at least I'm only responsible for myself if I win or lose and not someone else's matches. Plus, I'm hoping I don't ping someone in the head with the ball on the way over the net...tricky tricky. My serve seems to be improving, but I still want to practice it more. I also worked a lot on my short game for when I'm at the net. I'm just hoping I don't embarrass myself on the court!
I got a text from Greg this morning that he passed his sim check ride last night (it went late- after midnight) and was headed home to Charlotte! I decided to take tomorrow off since we don't know how long he'll have off before he has to start IOE/flying. I'm hoping he's home a couple days at least, but I'm not holding my breath. I know how this goes! Can't wait to give him lots and lots of hugs and kisses!!


Joanna said...

proper shoes are important, so that is great you got fitted. DH runs in Brooks and after training for and running a marathon in ill fitting shoes he will ALWAYS were proper shoes from now on.

Great that Greg passed his sim check ride! Let's hope is he home a decent amount before IOE!

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