Sunday, May 16, 2010

10K recap

Very early Saturday morning I got up for the Run! Ballantyne 10K.  I didn't sleep well AT ALL the night before.  Clyde was wicked hyper and Greg was tossing and turning.  Plus, the temperature was uncomfortable and I just didn't sleep right.  It frustrated me big time because I'm a really GOOD sleeper like 95% of the time.  Greg actually gets jealous of the fact that I can get in bed and once I decide I'm ready to go to sleep I'm out in like 2 minutes.  He's more of an insomniac.  So anyway, I woke up kind of ticked off that I hadn't slept well before a race.  I gobbled down a bowl of oatmeal, banana, and peanut butter, and a sipped on some coffee.  I got dressed in a new pair of shorts my brother sent me for my birthday, a gray tank, and my running socks and Nikes (well and underwear and sports bra of course).  Jen arrived at my house to pick me up pretty much on time and we were off. 

We met up with Gibson over in Ballantyne and then attached our race numbers, peed, got our chips and attached them and waited to start.

I put myself in the 10 minute mile + group, while they headed for the faster groups.  The race went pretty well.  The course was a little hilly, but not too terrible.  It was pretty hot out there too.
(I know what you're thinking- wow, she looks so photogenic while
I got water at all the stations but one.  It was hard to drink while moving so I kinda walked through the water stations while drinking.  I passed quite a few people, some people that I was even behind for quite a while.  In the fourth or fifth mile I actually felt pretty energized and imagine my times for that stretch were probably faster than the beginning miles.  My time was 58:38 and I came in 153rd.
(Doing the "disappearing finger" magic trick, while crossing the finish line!)
That means my avg minutes per mile was 9:37.  I was happy with that!

(Yikes, I am sweaty!)

Jen actually got 2nd place for her gender/age with a time of 46:19!  She's amazing!

After cooling down, stretching, having water, banana, Sharkies, etc... We actually got motivated and went and did another 2.6 miles to bring our day's total to 9 miles!  I felt great!  I got home and registered for the half marathon, which is in 3 weeks.  I'm pretty excited!!


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