Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Losing Phones Is My Husband's Thing

Last night was a pretty standard Monday night.  I came home, walked Clyde, did some yoga/ab/strength trainging, ate dinner. 

I had this Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Ravioli so I decided to have that with a sauce consisting of melted butter, nutmeg, and ricotta with some walnuts tossed in.

Mmmmmm, it was yummy!  As if wasn't dessert like enough, later I remembered I had a biscuit leftover from brunch with my parents at Flying Biscuit on Sunday.  I quickly whipped up a make-shift strawberry shortcake:

I didn't have whipped cream so I improvised by using my coffee frother on some 1% milk with vanilla til it resembled whipped cream consistency.  It was on the runny side, but worked.

Around 9pm, I started getting a wee-bit concerned I hadn't heard from my husband in a while (like since Sunday night).  After almost 9 years with a pilot, I'm used to the disconnect we have when he's away, but since I'd left him a message earlier in the day and hadn't heard from him at all even just to give me a rushed, "Hey babe, I can't talk right now, but I'll call you at XYZ time" to keep me updated, I was slightly concerned.

It's times like these when I realize that in the event something bad happened to Greg, I'm not sure how/when/if I'd ever be notified.  Mental note: sew name/address/phone number in all of Greg's underwear just in case he gets hit by a car! 

Worked for Marty McFly...sort of.  Not really.
Anyway, I'm the kind of person that tries really hard not to let these things worry me until it's absolutely necessary, because I know it'll just drive me nuts and 99% of the time everything is fine.

Finally, I heard from Greg, who is in Houston for his recurrent training and he informed me he has lost his cell phone!  This is actually not surprising news to me.  Nor is this the first time Greg has lost a cell phone while flying.  

Which brings me to kind of a funny story circa 2001, the year we started dating.  Greg was over-nighting in Savannah, GA.  His airline put him up in a hotel right on River Street (ka-ching!), which, if you've ever been to Savannah is the place to be.  At this time, I was already living with Greg, because we scandalously moved in together after only 6 months of dating (that's another post, for another time).  

Here's an early picture of us so you have a visual...
Now, even in 2001, our routine while he was on trips was pretty much the same as it is now- he calls me once a day to check in.  Just like last night, I got concerned after not hearing from him.  I remember worrying a lot, but going to sleep, because there was nothing I could do.  The next morning I get a call from some dude in a bar who found Greg's jacket and cell phone and called "home" on the cell phone.  I told him it was Greg's and he said he'd hold it there.  Eventually, Greg called me and he told me he'd been out in Savannah with the crew to a couple bars, didn't remember how he got back to the hotel, and that he'd lost his jacket, wallet, and cell phone!  He actually hadn't had a lot to drink and thought maybe someone had put something in his drink!  Weird right?  Side note, he is VERY anal about following procedure with drinking rules and was within the time he was allowed to drink when he had his beverages (in case that was in question at all).

Greg called his credit card companies and reported them missing, and someone had definitely gotten a hold of his credit card and run up a bill at a gas station and Best Buy.  Lovely.  Luckily he was properly reimbursed by the credit card company after filling out the proper paperwork.

Originally, Greg was going to fly to Savannah at the end of his trip to get his stuff, but he knew it would still be a couple days.  So, I called my parents, who live in Hilton Head, about 45 minutes from Savannah, and asked if they'd be willing to go get his stuff.  Now, asking your parents, who are still getting to know their daughter's boyfriend, to pick up stuff he managed to leave in a bar where he doesn't remember what happened, is probably not the best way to give them a good impression of said boyfriend.  I think my mom was really confused and kind of wondered what kind of shenanigans her daughter's boyfriend was into if he was losing his jacket/wallet/cell phone at random bars in Savannah and couldn't remember the events of the evening.  But this was before my mom spent 9 years hearing about how Greg can be one of the most scatterbrained people on the planet sometimes, forgetting dates of things, losing other items, etc...  Now she's well aware of what he's like.  Anyway, my parents got his stuff for him, and he was reunited with all but the wallet and its contents shortly after.  And it only took Greg about, oh, 6 years or so to win back their respect.  Just kidding.  ;)

This picture was taken around 2003 or 2004 and they liked him enough to come spend Christmas with us, right?

So where is the cell phone now?  Who knows.  Greg said it actually could be in his car in West Virginia.  It could be at the Charleston airport.  It could be at Dulles Airport.  He's not sure.  He thinks it may have fallen out of a pocket going through security.  The phone appears to be off when we've tried calling it and no one has turned it on to call home as they did back in 2001.  I don't know that he'll get it back this time!  He's been debating about getting an IPhone for a while though, so maybe he'll end up getting one now.  I have no idea when I'll hear from him/talk to him this week.  Fun!


Cassie said...

hahaha... OMG, I can totally sympathize with your husband. As I am the forgetful one in my relationship.

Which is one reason why I started blogging, so I can go back and remember things.

Of course I've never lost my cell phone, I've been paranoid about losing it that I keep checking for it all the time.

What a funny story though. Oh and scandal! living with your boyfriend after 6 months! ;-) obviously it worked out! ha! Sometimes you just know.

Joanna said...

Steve keeps loosing his sunglasses case. I can totally relate!

Brittney said...

Ah yes, Greg has lost his sunglasses a time or too as well! It's always something!

The Friendly Skies said...

My boyfriend has lost his Sunglasses many a time on planes... what a pilot thing to do.

Maybe I need to loose my cell phone to get an iphone... hmm.

Hope he does find it though. I feel so lost without mine!

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