Friday, November 5, 2010

Parental Fun

My parents got in on Wednesday night, and thankfully I'd crossed most of the items off my to do list by the time of their arrival.

I made sure to have a bunch of snacks ready since they'd been in the car about three and a half hours and I knew they'd want something to nibble on.

We had a little "cocktail hour" complete with food and beverages. 

My and I had some POM martinis.  I just shook together a small bottle of POM juice, about 1/2 cup lime vodka, and some sparkling peach water.
My Dad made a gin and tonic.

We had pumpkin seeds (I baked the seeds from our pumkins last weekend), hummus, pita chips, veggies, nuts, and some sweet potato chips. 

We chatted and munched for a bit and then chose a restaurant for dinner.  I could tell they were in the mood for casual, so I decided to take them to Big Daddy's.

We had a round of beer- the Spaten Octoberfest, yum!

My dad and I decided to split two burgers so we could try two things.  We got the Mama Ricotta burger, which is topped with fresh mozarella, tomato, and pesto (mmmmmm) and a plain burger with monterrey jack on it.  I got a side salad too.  

Oh fresh mozarella, how I love thee!

I only got through one of the burger halves and my salad and ended up boxing the other half burger.

My mom got what I usually order- a salad with burger on top.

Big Daddy's was a hit with my parents!

Thursday morning I slept in til 6:15am (hello internal alarm clock!).  Actually all of us were up pretty early, but we bummed around playing with Clyde and watching the Today Show for most of the morning.

We had green monsters, muffins, fruit, and coffee.  Check out the muffins my dad picked up!

They were pistacio, but appeared to be neon green!  They were pretty delicious despite their shocking green appearance.

I only had a little while with them yesterday before they caught a flight to see my brother in NJ after lunch and I went to work for a couple hours, but we accomplished the essentials: shopping at DSW and lunch at Jason's Deli.

I had a $10 coupon and these were pretty cute and cheap, so I ended up leaving with these boots:

Paisley rain boots!

What's your latest impulse buy?


Anonymous said...

I want rain boots so badly! Those are super-cute :)

Mrs. Pozzy said...

Yum, I love pistachio muffins! pretty much love pistachio anything. Especially gelato.

Monique said...

I don't know what to comment on first... it's all amazing! Cocktail hour, hello :), Spaten Oktoberfest (my faaav) and that green muffin sounds intriguingly delicious :)

Sana said...

I loveee the boots! I just bought a Canon rebel.... sigh.

RunningOnCoffee said...

That mama ricotta burger sounds awesome. I like a caprese sandwich on its own, but to put all that with a burger!? yum!

I don't know why pistachio things are so bright green like that! I know the nut is green, but it seems excessive! Pistachio ice cream, pistachio baked goods...

Cute rain boots. I got a pair of tall Tretorn Langta rain boots (because they were big enough around for my calves!) Recent impulse a new fleece (EMS version of the North Face Denali) to replace an old one... probably didn't *need it* Looking at making an impulse buy on a new pair of Cole Haan heels this weekend with the Friends and Family 25% off discount :) I can only get those shoes on sale...

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