Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post Half Marathon Dinner At Butternut Squash

After my glorious half marathon finish on Sunday, Brad, Kelly, and I packed up and headed towards Raleigh/Chapel Hill.  We got into Raleigh just in time to drop off Brad at the airport for a business trip and then Kelly and I headed to dinner near the UNC Chapel Hill campus.

Kelly went to UNC for undergrad and told me that most of her college favorites were hole-in-the-wall cheap places and she wanted to go somewhere nicer.  She checked out the current restaurant line-up near campus and found a new vegan place called Butternut Squash that looked promising.  We headed there.

We were really looking forward to a celebratory drink as well as dinner after our great races that morning, but were disappointed to find out that Butternut Squash doesn't serve alcohol, however, they allow you to bring your own, and our server advised us that a shop next door had wine for sale.  Kelly went next door and picked out a nice Pinot Noir.

We carefully studied our menus (and photographed them!)...

We selected some hummus and pita to start.

I think I make a pretty good hummus, but this stuff was really yummy.  It definitely had smoked paprika in it and was really smooth and creamy.

For my entree, I ordered what else but the butternut squash risotto (when in Rome, right?).

It was creamy, velvety, and garlic infused. 

Kelly got a vegan hemp burger and sweet potato fries and we ended up sharing everything so we could both try each other's.  Her burger was delicious, with a really great goat cheese topping.  The sweet potato fries were also good, with the skin crispy on the outside.

It was a wonderful celebratory post race meal.  If you are ever in Chapel Hill, go check out Butternut Squash for some yummy vegan fare :)


Kelly said...

I accidentally left our leftovers in the fridge. Luckily, Wally noticed them and threw them away. Doh.

P.S. Next time I'll take you to the cheap places because they're soooo good too. :)

Runblondie26 said...

Congrats on a great race! Loved the report.

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