Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My weeks are usually busy with a flurry of activity, but this week brought it to another level.
You know when you have SO MUCH to do you don't even know where to begin and it kind of cripples you so you do nothing?  That was me at the beginning of the week.  Completely overwhelmed.

Here's a rough view of what I'm dealing with (thankfully, now that we're at Wednesday, some things are checked off!):

Make Clyde Birthday Cake.
Make Clyde an appointment for doggie daycare screening.
Do my laundry.
Clean guest room/wash bedding.
Make guest room bed.
Do dishes.
Put away clean dishes.
Clean countertops.
Mop floors.
Bunny cages. (Greg did)
Run. (5 miles- YAY!)
Drive Greg to the airport.
Print forms, get vaccination list for Clyde ready for doggie daycare.
Pick up a couple things from grocery store.
Pick up contacts that came in.
Pick up prescription.
Still a few things left to do.
Greg was painfully unhelpful this week, but he had a valid excuse.  He is studying for his recurrent test right now, which is pretty much the most important thing to a pilot.  Failing a recurrent test can ruin your career and Greg has always taken this very seriously.  The sad part about this recurrent test, is that all signs point to him returning to Continental in January, so he really won't be at his present airline much longer.  Unfortunately, he tried getting out of this round of testing but could not.

All of this scrambling/cleaning is because my parents are coming to Charlotte tonight.  They are flying out to see my brother tomorrow so I'll have a little less than 24 hours with them to hang out.  I'm excited to have them up because they haven't been here since summertime.  I just ended up waiting til the last minute to get a lot done so it kind of stressed me out.

Even with my huge to do list, one of my top priorities last night was getting in a run.  
First, I wanted to redeem myself after Sunday's awful run
Second, I wanted to step it up and run a more respectable distance.  My beginning of the week runs have been ridiculously short for a while, and I have GOT to step it up if I have any real shot and doing a marathon.  I vowed this week that I would do at least two runs of 5 miles each.  Last night I did incorporate speedwork too.  I felt PHENOMENAL.  Why couldn't I have felt this good on my Sunday long run??  I was running fast and strong, and didn't wimp out on the distance, even though all I did was take about 5 laps around my little neighborhood.  I kept going til the Garmin beeped 5 miles, and it felt awesome.

Mile 1: 9:55
Mile 2: 9:46
Mile 3: 9:53
Mile 4: 9:59
Mile 5: 9:40

Dinner was brown rice and an entire medium zucchini grilled on the grill pan. 

Not too exciting, but tasty, and I totally wolfed it down.

How's your to do list?


Paige is Running Around Normal said...

Nice job on the run!
My to do list is....never ending! haha :)

RunningOnCoffee said...

I've got a painfully unhelpful hubby for the last 2 weeks...possibly longer :-/ He's leaving for a conference tomorrow, and has been scrambling to get more data at work/put together a poster, etc. We usually split cooking, household chore stuff, etc... it's been all me. And I tried not planning for dinner a couple nights, after I had made many meals in a row, and his solution was take out :-p Which is delicious, but I'd prefer not to eat out too much ($$ and health-wise). I hope he's feeling back to his more-helpful-self when he returns!

We're fans of Continental- though we probably only fly 2x/year. Largely because we are 40 min from their Newark hub, so it's really convenient. I'm so close to getting a free flight with my One Pass Miles!

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