Saturday, November 6, 2010

Night At The Museum

Earlier this week my friend Sarah asked me if I'd want to go to this event at the new Mint Museum of Art in Charlotte.  The Mint Museum recently moved to a new location in uptown and they have First Fridays, which is an evening with drinks, music, and of course the chance to view the artwork on the first Friday of each month.  

Sarah, Josie and I met up and went to McCormicks and Schmicks for happy hour beforehand.

Josie and Sarah
We enjoyed some wine, spinach dip, and a small pesto pizza.
McCormicks' happy hour is really cheap. 
The price range on their happy hour food is between $2-$5 = awesome!

After our snack, we headed to the Mint Museum.

Inside there was a few informational tables, drinks, and a band set up.

I liked the vibe, kinda swanky and artsy.  We hung around in this area for a while before heading upstairs to check out the exhibits.

First we headed to the ceramics exhibit.  I had to quickly sneak a shot because photography isn't really allowed near the exhibits!  I was good after this though, I promise!

We ran into a museum employee later and he explained that ALL the pottery in this exhibit (there was a lot), was one person's collection.  Insane!  There was some neat stuff though, lots of different kinds of teapots, bowls, vases, etc...  I know a little about pottery from taking a class back in junior high/high school, so I could tell that different glazes and firing techniques were used to get different effects on the pieces.

Around the time we finished up at the pottery exhibit we got a text from Kelly and she, Brad, and our friend Thomas were there. 

I looked over the balcony and look who I saw!

In another wing we saw exhibits on glass, wood, jewelry, and even random household items such as an old Electrolux vacuum, silverware, etc... 

There was also a film exhibit done by Janet Biggs.  We watched two of her short films.  They were kind of strange but kind of beautiful.  Both encorporated music and scenery.
One was called Fade to White and was footage of a lone Arctic explorer.  The scenery was stunning.  The other focused on Nascar, specifically the job of the pit crew in races.

Once we'd seen all the art, we explored the 5th floor of the museum, which was where they hold special events, such as wedding receptions.

I teased my friend Sarah that she should have her wedding reception there.  She's not engaged, but she's pretty serious with her boyfriend.  Who knows!?

The coolest thing about this event room is the view and the fact that it has a neat balcony right outside!

Nice views huh? 

I had a great time with my friends at the museum.  I'm liking that Charlotte has this type of culture to explore and enjoy.


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