Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Runners Are Better Than One

Kelly came over tonight to run with me and have dinner.  Kelly loves to entertain, and has probably had me over no less than ten times since last time she came to my house for a meal, so it was definitely my turn to host.  It's funny, because I don't entertain that often and sometimes get a little stressed out about the idea of it.  Really, there's no reason to though, because I'm fairly confident in my ability to cook good food.  Kelly is especially easy to cook for because we like a lot of the same kinds of food.

Anyway, before dinner, we had a run on the agenda.  It was a rainy day here in Charlotte, and I knew our run would be a wet one.  Like good marathon soldiers, we suited up anyway and set out to get in 5 miles.  The weather was odd tonight.  Initially it felt like it would be cold and rainy, so I wore running tights, a long sleeved tech shirt, and even planned on a wind breaker.  Upon stepping outside to check out the temperature, I realized I would not want my jacket though.  At points during the run, I felt over dressed, and other times the wind whipped at us and I felt a bit cold.  It was sort of hard to get comfortable.

In addition, I just didn't feel that great on this run.  It felt really labored and difficult and I could tell my pace was slow (sorry Kel!).  I actually think if Kelly hadn't been with me, I would have called it a night at 4 miles.  It was almost like my body was saying, "Hey, didn't you just run seventeen miles the other day?  Wanna give me a break??"  I trudged on and we got it done.  5 miles in 51:56.

Back at the house, Greg was supervising this chaos:

Actually, it looked more like this...  They were pretty much a blur of fur as they chased each other around.

Poor Rascal tolerates Clyde's puppy energy like a champ.

Before Kelly's arrival, I had prepped most of the dinner food so it would be ready to go after the run. 
I made a stir fry with:

red pepper
yellow pepper
bok choy
sesame oil
hoisen sauce
sesame seeds

Food blogger in action...

We gobbled down the stir fry along with water and Kelly and I split a Magic Hat Winter Seasonal.

After dinner, Kelly demonstrated Rascal's latest trick:  The "balance the cracker on the nose til I say you can have it" trick.

I didn't get a picture, but it's impressive.  Clyde was like, "Hey buddy, can you show me how to do that??"

The evening was cut a little short because I had to take Greg to the airport, but I think we all had a good time.  Dogs included :)


Kelly said...

Thanks for being my running buddy and feeding my belly. I had a great time! :) And so did Rascal!

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