Saturday, November 13, 2010

Out In The Outer Banks

Greetings from the Outer Banks, NC!
I am here with Kelly for the OBX (Outer Banks) Half Marathon tomorrow. 
This is my second Half and I'm excited (click here to read my first half recap).

Our journey began yesterday early in the afternoon, when Kelly, Brad (her hubby), and Rascal and I set out on the 6 hour drive from Charlotte.

We did our best to stay entertained in the car...

Kelly belts out tunes like a rock star....

And Brad and Rascal were hams as usual.

I forget how much bigger/heavier Rascal is than Clyde (Rascal is a full sized Dachshund, and Clyde is a mini), so at one point I thought it was a good idea to have Rascal sit on my lap for a while, but man, he got heavy!  That's ok though, I still loved having a doxie to cuddle with, since I'm away from Clyde.

Approximately 3 cookie dough balls, 1/2 a Larabar, a couple ginger cats, and 1 gingerbread latte later, we arrived in Currituck around 8pm, just in time for a late dinner with Brad's parents, my hosts for the weekend. 

We enjoyed pork roast, mashed potatoes, sweet potato biscuits, and greens along with some wine.  Totally delicious, but went unphotographed as we were ravenously hungry.  We were out cold by about 10pm after our long journey and I pretty much slept like a rock.

This morning I awoke and followed the voices downstairs.  Upon arrival last night, I could barely see a dock from the back door, but I wasn't prepared for this spectacular view in the morning light!

Can you imagine having that view from your house every day???  Totally unbelieveable... 
Rascal seemed to like it too...

We sat down to another awesome breakfast cooked by Brad's mom (I'm being well fed on this trip!).
This time I broke out the camera.
We had egg casserole, turkey bacon, fruit, and more awesome sweet potato biscuits- served with assorted preserves.  Plus, coffee.

After breakfast, Kelly and I decided to head out for a run/walk. 
I just wanted to do about 10-15 minutes of running to loosen up after our long car ride yesterday.  Then we walked along a route right near the water.  Totally gorgeous.

There were roosters too...

I love walking or running near water.  Makes me excited for tomorrow's race!

After our run/walk, we headed back, showered, and had lunch (and unpictured meal of chicken, rice, salad, and more biscuits).

Then Kelly headed out to our race expo to pick up our packets and check things out.  We got our swag bags and then checked out the booths and vendors.  There wasn't as much free stuff as we'd hoped, but we each made a couple purchases.

Here's the goodies.

I also got a long sleeved Brooks tech shirt and a gear belt (like a spi-belt).

We are currently relaxing at the house before our pre-race pizza dinner.

Looking forward to tomorrow's race!  Hoping to PR!!


Jen (She said.She said.) said...

Good luck tomorrow! You will do awesome!

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow!!

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