Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad Dog!

Don't let this cute face fool ya!  This boy can be a BAD DOG!  Lately we've had a big problem with our "teenage" dog peeing everywhere, marking his territory.  From four to six months he was GREAT- almost no accidents in the house.  We were even bragging that he was EASY to potty-train.  Then he turned six months old and it was like a switch was flipped.  It was also around the time Greg got back from nearly two months in Memphis and Houston for his training.  Clyde all the sudden went from a well-behaved puppy to a puppy who couldn't be left alone in a room for two minutes without finding a place to pee.  Ugh! 
We've been debating neutering him or not neutering him for a long time.  We lost a rabbit to anesthesia a few years ago (she was having minor surgery to have an abscess removed and had a reaction while she was under), so anesthesia really freaks Greg and I out.  A friend of ours told us an argument can be made for NOT neutering your dog, and we kind of clung to that for a while as a reason not to do it.  I just couldn't bear the thought of a somewhat unnecessary surgery causing my baby harm. 

But, I think we've both reached a breaking point with the peeing/marking.  We've done everything we can think of to deter him from it, and he still does it.  We're pretty sure it's instinctual and his raging hormones are the problem.  So we've caved and schedule poor little Clyde to be neutered on Friday.  I'm pretty terrified, but hoping everything goes smoothly and that we come out with a more mellow well-behaved boy. 
Until then, let's just pretend he's like this all the time...


Kristina said...

aww... SO cute. I found you via CaitlinHTP's site, and looked at comments for dachshunds! :) I don't think you even said Clyde was a doxie, but I'll click on ANY dog photo! (good luck to Clyde Friday...)

I have a dachshund too... (if you want to see...)

April said...

My sister's "weiner" dog does the same thing! I think he is 9 and he STILL marks his territory. He is a BRAT but he's the cutest and you can tell when he's trying to look cute. It's like he's going "don't hate me i'm too cute". It works is the sad part.

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