Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday happenings and eats

Saturday morning started with eggs.  I was craving them, and one of my favorite egg combos is egg with DILL.  I did a scramble of egg, cream cheese, a little minced onion, and dill. 

Greg and I split a crossaint (we're going through a big pile in the freezer), and a ramekin of blueberries each.  Plus COFFEE.  So necessary :)

Then we got ready go out out. 
After first taking some pics.

My friend Kim had this idea for a bunch of us to check out a local outdoor market.  The initial one she chose was the Historic West End Market.  If you check out their website, it looks pretty happening, with lots of tents, people, and stuff to check out.  Well, we got there and it's like this ghetto parking lot with like 5 tents set up.  Not really what we were expecting.  So we changed gears and instead went to the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market on Yorkmont.  Greg and I went back in the winter and there were maybe 4 farmers selling there.  This time every space was filled with vendors and the place was crazy busy.  We got peaches, tomatos, zucchini, spinach, green leaf lettuce, a cucumber (it was thrown in!), and cilantro.  We also each got a small bowl of homemade ice cream.  I had the peach flavor and Greg had the blackberry.  Both were delish.  It was SO HOT OUT!!
We all grabbed lunch at a Salsaritas near the Farmer's Market. 
Greg and I headed home so he could get ready to fly out.  Later I drove him to the airport. :(
My evening was dinner out with some friends at a place called Loco Lime in Plaza Midwood.  The food was good.  I had a great margarita and tilapia fish tacos. 


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