Monday, June 7, 2010

Pops in the Park

Last night in an attempt to be social, get in some culture, and eat more of my massive spread of food leftover from Kelly's shower, a bunch of friends went to South Park in Charlotte for Pops in the Park.  It's an outdoor concert put on by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra.  It's free and it attracts A LOT of people.  Greg and I actually went on Fourth of July last summer and it was a MADHOUSE, but we thought it was just because it was the Fourth of July.  Turns out it is like that every time.  My friend Chloe went early in the day to nap us a spot on the grass by strategically placing a tarp down for us.  At like 11am!
Anyway, I bundled up all my food yet again.  I seriously had like 4-5 gallon sized bags of fresh cut up veggies, two big rubbermaid containers of pasta salad, three tubs of chicken salad, cheese and crackers, dip, and those mozzarella skewers.  It was more than two or three people could carry.  Multiple trips from my car to the tarp were made. 
After slight miscommunication, the tarp was found around 6:15ish and we got set up and dove into the food.

There were probably 10 of us and we ate a lot and drank champange, and we STILL didn't make that big a dent in my food supply.  It's never going to end (I'm thinking veggie stir-fry tonight)!  The concert started at 7pm with a children's orchestra and at about 8:30pm, before the Charlotte Symphony was about to start, the announcer came on and informed us that he was also a meteorologist and that a band of storms would probably hit in about 10-15 minutes.  Which was our cue to leave.  I think we still all had fun despite the evening being cut short.


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