Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Update on Clyde

I just talked to the vet and Clyde's surgery went well and he's awake and was barking in the background.  I'm Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo RELIEVED!  :) :) :)   I can pick him up tomorrow around 9am.  I can't wait to see my baby! 
Greg got "junior manned" today, which means he was finished with his scheduled trip and was due to come home this morning but then they scheduled him for another trip instead.  The airlines can and sometimes do that to the newer, less senior pilots.  He was pretty bummed because he was hoping to catch a flight and be back in Charlotte by lunchtime.  Now he's not sure he's going to make it home today or not.  :(
With Greg gone and Clyde overnight at the vet tonight, it's going to be a lonely night for me.  This is the first night since we got Clyde that he won't be home.  I think I'm probably going to go for a run once it cools down a little. 


Kristina said...

Oh, sweet clyde! :) I've been away from blogging all day, but actually thought of Clyde and how he was doing :) happy to hear he's good.

is he your first dog? vet tells me whenever there is something potentially traumatic, painful or scary, to NOT go into the back rooms with him, even to pick him up & take home... let them bring him out to you, so he doesn't associate you with the bad... :)

we take Basil to my parents when we go on vacation, and sometimes take him the night before if we are leaving early am... it's so quiet w/o Basil in the house... enjoy your run, though!!! :)

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