Friday, June 4, 2010

Quad Update

So I spent all day yesterday worried about my quad.  I went to see our nurse at work (yes we have a nurse at work) when I got in and she put me on ibuprofen and ice packs.  My spirits were kinda crushed most of the day.  I've trained so much for this race and I've been nervous enough about it accomplishing 13.1 miles without being injured, so to now be less than 100% and going into a race that's challenging for me really sucks. 
After work I went and got a foam roller.  I've heard the benefits of them from other bloggers and runners and decided I might as well try it and see if it helped.  Here's me trying it:

(Notice Clyde's huuuuuuuuuuuuge dog couch and orange tent in the background!)
Foam rolling hurt, which I expected. But after I iced it again and dare I say, it felt A LITTLE better.
I'm took today off from work. I decided a couple weeks ago it made sense to take the day off since the race is at 7am tomorrow, meaning I'll be going to bed EARLY tonight since the race is a little over an hour drive from Charlotte. I'm also making lots and lots of food for Kelly's wedding shower tomorrow night. I'll post pictures later. Kelly reads my blog and I can't spoil the surprise :)
It was nice being home this morning with no where to go on a week day. Second time this week! I made Greg and I steel cut oats with the last of our Nutella mixed in and some banana.

Ok, I'm off to get a jump on Kelly's spread!  Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

Aw! I don't want you to go too much trouble...especially since 6 guests have given their regrets. I'm sure whatever you do well be delicious as usual. I'm sorry your quad isn't feeling well still and I hope the foam roller worked for you. I bet you'll feel great tomorrow. Adrenalin is a powerful chemical! :)

Jen said...

I wish I could give you a magic (peanut butter flavored) pill that would make you all better! If it's any help, I ran my first 1/2 in tons of pain, 2 days after an MRI. I still had fun and finished. And came back from my injury stronger than ever!

Tricia said...

looking forward to reading the recap!

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