Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm kinda behind in posts here, but I thought I would share my exciting Friday night festivities first.  Jen is like the biggest Daughtry fanatic I've ever seen.  She's seen him 6 times!!  As a present, she got VIP tickets to see Daughtry Friday night, and when I say SEE Daughtry, I not only mean sit in a crowded arena and watch a concert, I also mean MEET Mr. Chris Daughtry himself!  I am also passionate about the music I love, but I have never gone as far as to get VIP tickets to meet anyone.  Not only did she do this for this particular concert, but this is actually the SECOND time she has met Chris!  She is truly dedicated!  haha!  Anyway, she invited me to come with her!  Wow! 
So Friday I left work early, went home and changed, and Jen and I headed to our VIP experience.  We got to the arena right on time.  We ended up waiting outside the arena for about an hour to be let in.  Good thing we are talkers and have lots to chat about all the time :)

Finally they let us in to the lobby of the arena, and we waited a little more.  We were given our VIP pass lanyards (which we kept on for the rest of the night, even at dinner!)  Then a security guy tried to go through "the rules" while yelling loudly over the soundcheck going on inside.  Basically he said not to trip and fall, not to try and kiss Chris, and not to touch his head.  I was most worried about tripping.  Cuz I'm klutzy like that.  We finally got let in and all gathered around the stage. 

Chris and the band played two songs.  We were like 12 feet from him.  Really really cool!

The soundcheck was neat.  I've never been that close to a famous musician playing before.  Totally cool!  After the soundcheck, they had us go back into this hallway to wait for the meet and greet.  We were thinking we were going to end up meeting him almost last because people rushed in there (there probably about 100 people at this thing!) and we were at the end of the line.  Well, once in there the guy turned us around and the last people in line actually went first!  So that worked out well! 
The actual meeting went by SO FAST.  I got in there and one of the bandmates approached me.  I really just said "It's so nice to meet you guys!" and that was about it.  The guy asked if he could hug me, and I said "of course" and then went down the line hugging all the guys including Chris.  Jen and I both remarked after that neither of us really made good eye contact with Chris or anything.  It was akward!  Then they put me in the middle and we had a professional picture taken.  It'll be online to download soon.  I keep checking, but it's not up yet!
After that they whisked us out the door, had us grab our swag, which was a Daughtry T-shirt and guitar pics and then we were out the door.

(this pic was taken at home later and Clyde was up for the photo op as well)
We made a quick trip to Target for some flip flops (standing in sandals for two hours might not have been the best plan), and then decided on Thai for dinner at Basil.  YUM!  I had the ginger chicken and Jen got the Pad Thai.  We shared and also each had a Mecklenburger beer, made locally by Old Mecklenburg Brewery (their summer brew):

Summer - "Mecklenburger" Bavarian Lager. Just like a Frankfurter comes from Frankfurt, a Wiener come from Wien (Vienna), and a Bitburger comes from Bitburg, Mecklenburger comes from Mecklenburg...Olde Mecklenburg that is...fresh from our lager tanks. This Helles-style golden/straw blonde lagerbier is super smooth, slightly malty and easy to drink. The perfect finish after a round of golf, day on the boat, or just out mowing the lawn. Cool down the scorching summer heat with Mecklenburger.

The food and beer was great.  Totally hit the spot. 
After dinner we headed back to the Arena for the actual concert.  The opening acts were CAVO and Lifehouse.  I LOVE Lifehouse, and this was actually the second time I've seen them.  Last summer they played at Speed Street, which is our festival the week before the Nascar race each spring.  Cavo was pretty good too.  We both recognized their last song, called "Champange".  Jen excitedly rocked out when they played that :)
Here's a couple shots of Lifehouse:

Love them!
Then it was time for the main event- Daughtry!

We were both having serious problems getting good pictures of Daughtry.  I messed around with the night setting on my camera and kept trying, but most of my pictures were this bad or worse!  Oh well.  The music was great and the crowd LOVED him.  Chris is from Greensboro, NC area and is kind of a local God. 
The show was great!  I had a blast with Jen.  She's so fun to go to a concert with.  This girl is exciteable at a level you can't even understand :)


Jen said...

Yay, love the recap!It was such a fun night. Thanks so much for going with me and putting up with my craziness :)

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