Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eat and Run

Last night I got home and decided it was in my best interest to have kind of an early dinner, as I had a run planned for 7pm. It was between eating early and having food in me to fuel my run or having a snack and a late dinner after the run and I figured I was hungry enough to just go ahead and make an early dinner. I decided on nachos since I had some black beans to use up. I again used a base of Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips, topped with black beans, roasted red peppers (I kind of can't get enough of them lately), cheddar, salsa, and then lettuce, spinach, and plain non-fat yogurt after the rest was heated. Eaten while checking email and blogs...
I ran with a new friend last night.  We met online on Meetup.com through a running group and discovered we both live in the same area and arranged to meet up and run.  The location we picked is actually pretty close to my house (like a mile maybe?) so I decided I would just run over there and therefore add an additional mile or two to our planned 3 mile run.  It was HOT!!  What else is new, right?  
I rarely carry water when I run on shorter runs.  I don't like the idea of the belts with water bottles on them because I sometimes have chafe issues where my sports bra and shorts hit my skin- even with Body Glide, so I can't wrap my head around how I'd handle the belt without getting a giant chafe mark from it.  I decided to use one of my small Gatorade bottles but took out most of the Gatorade and filled it with ice and then the rest with water and ran with that.  It worked out good.  I had hydration there when I wanted it and for the first mile or two it was nice and cold so I could touch my  head or neck with the hand that was holding the bottle and get a nice cool sensation.  My new running friend was nice.  She's a teacher and is off for the summer.  We chatted and did between a 10-11 minute mile pace, which was fine with me with the heat.  She ran the Thunder Road half-marathon last year, but has kind of been on a running hiatus for a little while, and is trying to get back into it.  After our run we parted ways and I alternated between walking and running back to my house.  It was probably about 5 miles all together with 4 of them run and 1 walked.  I also took Clyde for a walk once I got back to house.  He had puppy energy to get out as usual!
After the run/walk I chatted on the phone with Kelly.  I also talked to Greg, who was sitting at the airport in DC in between flights and wondered how "our monkey" (that would be one of his nicknames for Clyde) was doing.  I then showered and settled in to watch trashy TV- aka The Bacherlorette.  I was so glad to see that she got rid of nutcase tattoo dude and the guy that never speaks.  Nice work Ali.
This morning I awoke and knew I needed to incorporate some Naturally Nutty Cinnamon Vanilla Sunflower Butter into my breakfast somehow.  I'd arrived home to my package from Open Sky sitting on my porch with two jars of the stuff inside yesterday.  I did a smear of that and a smear of peanut butter with an apple for dipping.  I see what all the hype is about.  YUM!



Anonymous said...

That's funny that you call Clyde "monkey". We call Rascal "stink monkey". I have no idea how we come up with this stuff.

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