Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Mid-Week Report

The week is moving right along as usual.  I had planned to do a run Monday night but ran into a snag.  That blister I got on the back of my left heel while golfing with my parents on Sunday was worse than I'd anticipated.  I tried covering/taping it, but I could definitely still feel it when I got my socks and running shoes on.  Damn.  So I decided not to aggravate it further and didn't run Monday night.  I'm told this is my "taper week" anyway and it should be ok to keep the workouts lighter.
The good news is I had attempt #2 of working out with the blister last night since I had a tennis match and had to try making it work since my team was counting on me to be there.  This time a blister band-aid and one strip of sports tape did the trick.  I couldn't feel it at all!  Yay!  I'm hoping I have the recipe for pain free blister fix down and can replicate it for my last planned run before the half tonight with Jen and Michelle.
In case you're wondering, tennis kinda sucked AGAIN.  My team won overall, but sadly, MY match was lost 3-9.  It remains to be seen whether I'll be continuing with tennis or not when the league is done.  Still not feeling that comfortable with it, and like I've said before, it's not something I can really practice all that much without other people.  I try to have fun out there, but I get pretty nervous at these matches.  I think tennis and I may be better off as casual friends rather than in a "committed relationship".  LOL!
In other news, for about a week now I've been tracking what I'm eating more closely.  I found this site called on A Healthy Slice of Life (thanks Brittany- who also lives in Charlotte!) that grades you on your daily intake and exercise and shows you whether you are on track based on your age, height, weight, etc....  Kinda neat.  I've never really watched calories or fat that much.  I just try to eat fairly healthy- lots of veggies, fruits, whole grains, etc...  It's interesting to see if I'm eating around my recommended calorie, fat, protein, sodium, intake each day.  Once you log in, you just add the different things you have eaten to each meal every day.  You can type in the item and most items are already in the system with their nutritional values, so you don't have to track down a label (which is good, because otherwise I don't know if I'd do it!).  The only thing is that it's heavily reliant on you to know your PORTION of each item, so I find myself guessing my portion of what 6 strawberries equals or how much two spoon fulls of yogurt equals a lot.  Therefore, my numbers may be slightly off, but I figure it's probably pretty close and all kind of equals out (some stuff I probably overestimate on and some I probably underestimate).

Here is my latest weekly breakdown:
Weekly Nutrition Averages vs Goals For Thursday, 27th May To Wednesday, 2nd June

Total Goal
Days with Nutrition  7 days           7 days

Average Calories 1614.85 kcal 1751 kcal

Average Carbohydrates 52.43(212.58g) 60%(263g)

Average Fat 28.75% (51.82g) 25%(49g)

Average Protein 18.82% (76.29g) 15%(66g)

Average Sodium 2041.73 mg 2300 mg

Average Hydration 19.43 fl oz 64 fl oz

I really don't drink enough water, obviously (which I know).  I haven't been great about remembering to add water to the nutrition intake thingie though, so I think this is a real low-ball estimate.  Not bad though for the most part on everything else.  I feel like I can pretty much keep doing what I'm doing, but drink MORE WATER!
Greg is home again after a couple days at the new hub.  He found an apartment/crash pad there the other day and got his parking pass for the airport there.  At least he's got that stuff figured out now so he doesn't have to stress over it like he was last weekend.  He's home for the next couple days so I will try to enjoy it even though it'll be a pretty busy week.


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