Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

So I got spanked at my tennis match tonight.    I got to the courts around 6:15pm for my 6:30pm match, in time to see the end of the Men's match and the Mixed Doubles match.  Men's doubles was going well.  Mixed, not so much.  Pictures of my teammates,  Orange Crush. (yes, I finally remembered to bring my camera!)
This is Bobby and Alesia. They weren't having a good day on the court...

Bobby is the guy that recruited me to play on Orange Crush.  He's a pretty good player, but he was definitely having an off night tonight.  I think he and Alesia lost like 5 to 9.  Better than my match!  My score was 1 to 9!  :(  One of the girls we were against in the Women's Doubles match was in this same mixed doubles match that Bobby was in.  I could tell she was GOOD.  So was the other girl that played us.  They both had good serves, good net game and were good about hitting the ball to places we couldn't get to it.  I knew going in that it would be a battle.  My serve was off, but the rest of my game wasn't bad.  We just weren't as good as they were.  Bummer!

The other part of my night was much more pleasant.  I got home and took Clyde for a nice neighborhood walk.  Then made a yummy dinner.  I had a Gyro sandwich (love them!) at lunch and had a lot of left over meat and about half a pita.  I decided a salad topped with Gyro meat was in order.  I still have lots of cucumbers left from my veggie purchases for Kelly's shower (English cucs seem to last pretty long since they are shrink wrapped in plastic- thank god!).  So I made sort of my own version of Tzikiki sauce.  Cucumbers, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and dill in the mini chop.  Plus some CHIA SEEDS, which came in a box from Open Sky today!

I spooned the dressing over a salad of green leaf lettuce (from the Farmer's Market), cucumber, tomato, and Gyro meat.  Topped with salt and pepper.

With some of my leftover pita from my sandwich on the side.  Yum :)
At least the late evening/dinner portion of my night went well. 

On a different note- GO CELTICS!!!  I'm watching the game while blogging.  I love all my New England teams, but especially the Red Sox and the Celtics.  I've seen both play live a couple times.  Here's a flashback pic to a family outting to a Celtics/Bobcats game a couple years ago on Thanksgiving weekend in Charlotte:

I tried to wear green to represent the champs, even though my sweater was a more muted green than my bro's bright green.  Here's Greg, Me, Ashley (bro's wife) , and my brother Mark.  Yikes, glad my hair is longer now.  I don't think that cut was doing me any favors...haha!  Good night!


Molly said...

that salad looks killer! I miss playing tennis, there is a court right down the street from me but I never have a chance to play!

Thanks so much for all the music suggestions!!

Anonymous said...

I had to read your post to figure out what you meant by "spanked". :)

I still haven't tried Chia seeds but maybe sometime soon.

Brittney said...

@ Molly- I like your blog! I've been reading back to the beginning of your blog and still have more to catch up on. I'm inspired that you have two kids and do all this running though! It inspires me to do more! :)
@ Kel, I just got the Chia Seeds, I can give you some if you wanna try them.

Jen said...

Sorry about tennis :( But yay for chia seeds. I love them!

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