Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Night In

Lately Greg has been finishing his trips at random times in random places on his last day and usually tries to find the first flight home from wherever he is and sometimes doesn't have time to call me and let me know he's on his way back.  I think the last three weeks in a row that's happened and then I've gotten a call from him saying he's at the Charlotte airport ready to be picked up.  Which is kind of a fun surprise, because it's usually earlier than I've been expecting him.  So around 5ish last night Greg was at the airport here after hopping a last minute flight in from DC and Clyde and I loaded in to the car to go get him.  Clyde gets so excited when we pull up and Greg gets into the car.  He loves him!!
We headed home for a quiet night in.  I asked Greg what he wanted for dinner and I kind of already knew he was going to say black bean burgers.  I think the man could live off those (and pizza)!  But it worked out good because earlier in the week I had gotten some parsnips to try making parsnip fries with so I had a chance to try those out.  I also had an avocado, so more guacamole was in order.  Dinner in pictures:
For the fries, I did half with a mix of just EVOO, a teaspoon of garlic, and salt.  The other half were nut butter crusted ala GraduateMeghann

Black bean burgers with some cheddar on top.

My plate with some of each kind of parsnip fry, black bean burger on sandwich thin with tomato, salsa, guac (and I added lettuce before eating).

My beverage of choice.
For me, the verdict on the parsnip fries (both kinds) was that they were decent, but kind of sharp tasting.  Definitely different from a potato.  They are shaped like carrots (and taste a little like carrots), and because of this, it's hard to cut them into even shapes for even cooking.  I had many that were burned on one end and kind of less than done on another end.  Greg actually liked them a lot, and I think he'd like to have them again, so I'll give them another shot.
We took the monkey for a walk around the hood and then spent the remainder of the evening doing this:


Pam said...

So glad hubby and you could spend some quality time together. Food looks great and Clyde (love the name, btw..he he!) is SO cute! Have fun!

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