Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thursday night happenings

Ok, it's officially hotter than Hades in Charlotte.  I got to get out of the office for a while during the day Thursday for a presentation to some middle and high school students (it was cute!) and I looked at the temp on my dash on the way back to the office and it read 103 DEGREES!  Later on I had my camera with me and took this picture around 6:15pm, still HOT!

It was brutal.  Jen and I had talked about going for a walk last night now that she's on the way to recovery from surgery, but we checked in with each other and decided it wasn't gonna happen with the temps that high.  Instead we opted to meet for dinner.  Eating is always ok with me!
We went to Red Bowl Bistro.  I had a veggie spring roll, the Philadelphia roll, and the Red Bowl roll (which consisted of shrimp, crab, and either cucs or avocado- can't remember). 

I haven't had sushi in a while though, and it really hit the spot!
After dinner we randomly decided to cruise through a nearby Dollar Tree just for kicks.  Lots o' junk in there, but I did walk out with a cute butterfly gift bag for this weekend's baby shower. $1 = ka-ching!
We also grabbed a couple groceries at the grocery store.  My main mission was more BANANAS for banana soft serve, which will likely be making an appearance oh on a daily basis!
Back at la casa it was finally cooling down and I decided to take Clyde on a long walk around the neighborhood in hopes of wearing him out.  He's not really showing any signs of slowing down since his neutering and every night I battle to get him to calm down.  We ran into my neighbor from across the street, who's a really nice lady and has a dog and she and I walked the dogs and chatted.  Clyde got along well with her dog Dolly.  It was cute.
Did some dishes, and called it a night.


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