Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Belated Anniversary Celebration.

Last month was our fourth wedding anniversary, but celebrating didn't really happen.  I get emails from Living Social and Groupon, two sites where you pay half the price for a gift certificate to a restaurant (or spa, etc...).  One day a restaurant called Custom Shop popped up as the daily deal so I purchased a gift certificate at $25 for $50.  Pretty cool!  Since we know Greg has no weekends off in July, I suggested we use the gift certificate and celebrate our anniversary last night.  Greg and I don't do fancy dinners out very often, so I was REALLY looking forward to it. 
I wore one of my favorite dresses:

(Clyde was into it)

Greg got dressed up too :)

We got to the restaurant and were served fresh bread made in house drizzled with olive oil and cracked pepper.
Our waiter was great.  He explained that most of Custom Shop's food is local and/or organic. 
We decided to order a Spanish wine to share.  They have Quartinos, which are little carafe's of wine that are about a 1/3 of a bottle.  We chose the Pruno Ribera Del Duero 2008, Spain.  Mmmm, really really good.

We then ordered a meat and cheese board consisting of:
Aged Cheddar Wisconsin (Cow)
Drunken Goat Spain (Goat)
Genoa Salami (Italy)

For dinner we both wanted the same thing, Ricotta Gnocchi, Arugula, Fresh Mozzarella & Eggplant
Soooooo yummy!!  The Gnocci was like light pillows filled with ricotta.  Heavenly.
And I wanted some Skillet Brussels Sprouts to round out the meal, which was obvioulsy heavy on carbs and cheese.
(I haven't really mastered taking pictures in restaurants with many many people around!)
I was really fun and needed a doggie bag for about half the brussel sprouts and some of my Gnocci.

At the end of the meal our server brought us two glasses of champange on the house since we were celebrating our anniversary!  I loved that!
Custom Shop gets two thumbs up from us.  It was a great dining experience and all the food was delicious.
Leaving the restaurant we were treated to this view of downtown Charlotte...

Glad we finally celebrated!  It was a great night out!


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally got to celebrate your anniversary with Greg! Don't you just love Custom Shop? I think eventually they're going to start offering cooking classes. :)

Jen said...

Oh that looks really yummy! You guys look so nice all dressed up :) Glad you had a nice anniversary!

Kristina said...

pretty dress!!

happy anniversary - it looks like a great date night and fabulous food! :)

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