Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Last Supper

Tonight is poor Clyde's last night before his neutering.  I decided to go straight home and spend the evening with him spoiling and playing with him.  Especially since I've been out of the house a couple nights this week for tennis and running. 
I was pretty hungry when I got home and knew I needed to use up an avocado I'd had sitting in my bowl on the counter for a while.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking??  Guacamole, fo sho (recipe here).

I actually made nachos.  I used Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips as my base.

Topped with some cheddar, black beans, salsa, lettuce, and my homemade guac to dip in.  Yummy!

Clyde had dog food...


With a side of rawhide...
We went for a long walk around the neighborhood after dinner, and I patiently waited while he sniffed and peed wherever he wanted. 
When we got back I tried to get him to eat a little more before cutting him off at 8pm. 
We're currently engaged in a mean game of fetch while watching the movie Taking Chance.  It's a nice relaxing night :)


Jen said...

Nachos look good! So glad little Clyde is OK :)

Kristina said...

sweet little guy; I sometimes take Basil on walks, and just let him lead where ever he wants to go... :)

I loved Taking Chance. Great movie.

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